Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bali THai Inspired Decor

I recently returned from my Son and new Daughter-In-Law's wedding in the province of  Phang Nga in Thailand.  I am particularly drawn to the beautiful subtle and soothing colors and have sourced inspirational interior pics via my pinterest site (please follow me) which interpret my style of Bali tHai decor.  Hoping one day to have a holiday home there so I can project these images of my virtual Thailand holiday home into a real one!

Beautiful Wood Carved detailing on entrance door
A myriad of rich colours to whet the interior designers appetite

Of course my firm love of French interior decor reflects in this beautiful fusion of Bali tHai French Country

Calming tones inspired by sand, sunsets and thai desserts!

Traditional Thai Dessert

Bringing the outdoors...indoors
Golds and Orchid Tones for the bedroom 
The Asian influence adds a distinct touch of drama and mystique with the use of open space and natural materials

Who says you can't combine the exotic elements of Far East decor into a traditional vintage armchair

Combined with a more modern funky look - its fun to merge many different decorating styles into the one space

I look forward to taking you on a virtual tour of my future holiday home in Thailand in the not too distant future. Until then k̄hxbkhuṇ læa xảlā!