Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Colours of Provence


Nothing evokes a more warm fuzzy feeling than when you walk into a home filled with the colours
textures and furnishings based around the colours of Provence.  

I'm talking about yummy ochres, butter yellows, flesh pinks,wilted faded pastels,chamois,raison, tango orange,poppy reds, mulberry and lilacs to name but a few.

I absolutely adore antique baltic pine furniture. The more marks and dings on it, the better. The rich warm hue, the traces of old borer thread, the smell, the simplicity, I find extremely appealing.

The impact an antique  French leather club chair has in a room is priceless no matter how distressed it may be!

Garlands of onions in a traditional French fruit market make an unusual eyecatching display - the colours can easily be incorporated into your French Country kitchen
A beautiful view of clusters of plump juicy ripe merlot grapes still growing on the vine and ripe for the picking - loving those earthy colours

      Gorgeous glazing and colours on these antique Sarrageumines plates - available in store now

     Exquisite festooned detailing to the pediment of this antique French double bed - in store now

                                                                 A symphony of colours

                              Or paler palette with a slightly washed out faded look perhaps

     Or perhaps a room with grey flooring, milky damask print white walls and a pale pink accent chair      

Whatever you decide, whether it be bold or subtle, all of the  above are indicative of classic French Country Styling.

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