Wednesday, August 17, 2011

These Are a Few of my Favourite Things

To feel joyful in your home each day is the highest form of happiness

What do you collect?  What objects do you have a weakness for and find utterly irresistible when you happen upon them?  Where do you go looking for your treasures?  My favourite pieces are usually flawed, never perfect such as this gorgeous old concrete swan planter.  Broken beak and all, to me she is perfection.

I adore this Victorian era wall sconce. I am yet to find another to complete the pair. She oozes French Eighteenth Century charm and I am enamored by her wondrous beauty.

I have a weakness for fine old tins and this one is perfect for stashing away some of my personal treasures. They make wonderful storage containers for papers, stamps and special family momentos.

I have a magnificent old baltic pine apothecary chest with oodles of glass handled drawers. I keep my collection of antique porcelain pocket watch faces in one of them and always try to leave it open so the surprisingly joyful inside shows!

One of my pride and joys is this early 20th Century NZ carved wood duck decoy - I love him because of his inherent simplicity.

Thank you for viewing my blog and if like me... you derive pleasure from collecting beautiful old pieces with true provenance then please click on to Pure Provenance facebook site link under 'about me'. Once there, you will be able to view albums featuring many interesting pieces currently available to purchase.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bedroom Essence

The essence surrounding your bedroom has a large impact on your mood and how you start your day. For a romantic, soft, and feminine feel, a French-style bedroom is what you need.

Cornflower blue, mustard, terra-cotta and soft poppy seed black evoke a French farmhouse.

Set the tone with French paint colors and finishes. Mellow beige, gold, cream, rose and blue establish a backdrop for a classic French interior.

Accessorize your French bedroom with pieces from France or inspired by French design. Landscape paintings, photographs and mirrors in ornately carved frames have classic style.

Knowing the colour palette first will help guide the design, enabling you to incorporate the appropriate colors throughout the bedroom.

Mismatched colours and patterns have the funky look of a Paris pied-a-terre. Accent walls might feature flocked wallpaper or a stenciled or stamped pattern of climbing ivy or fleur-de-lis.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Real Rather Than Fake

A home is a sacred place, built over a lifetime with a loving heart.

In order to bring your house to loving vitality you need to use materials that are real rather than fake.

It isn’t the money you spend on the decoration of your house, but the attention you pay, the care you give and the private passions expressed in your environment that makes your space uniquely yours.

There is no substitute for wood, marble, cotton, wool and silk.

Use the best organic materials for their intrinsic integrity and enduring superiority.

Keep in mind you are composing your life, not merely furnishing and decorating a house with necessities.


By using these principles your house will inevitably make a statement