Thursday, June 30, 2011


A French-inspired mix of soft natural shades and whitewashed furniture makes your home a light, relaxed haven. Here's some inspirational interior pics which are easy to achieve and most importantly, easy to live with.

Keep it simple with natural walls, floors and window treatments. This keeps the whole 'canvas' tonal, avoiding hard contrasts which can be distracting.

The aim is to bring harmony and cohesion. This has been achieved by choosing a limited palette and working within that. Choices of furniture, lighting, fabrics and accessories are set against this simple, basic canvas.

This is the idea behind natural style; creating an uncluttered home that makes the most of natural materials and timelessly classic shapes.

True to its origins, natural style is unfussy, it prefers simplicity for a clear uncluttered and harmonious look.

Natural style does not prescribe. It does not dictate certain colours or particular furniture designs. Simple tricks to link what could seem disparate pieces of furniture or accessories, even if the pieces come from different eras. The key is proportion...pieces that are too small for a room can become lost, while those that are too large can become overbearing. Look for balance and items with good basic designs.

Natural style makes the most of natural materials. They have an enduring quality because they come from nature and simply can't go out of fashion.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Take A Walk On The Wild Side!!

Have you ever thought about introducing a touch of exotic animal print into your home? It can really spice up your decor by adding a distinct touch of opulence and class. Here's a few gorgeous interior pics to help get your creative juices running.

An animal print upholstered chair provides a nice larger splash of color and pattern without going too kitschy.

For daring souls, using animal print for your bedroom floor is a guaranteed way to add instant drama and add a definite grrrrrrr factor into your boudoir.

An animal-print chaise longue can jazz up any room with an otherwise neutral color palette.

Why not consider reupholstering a chair with your favorite animal print to create instant visual interest to your favourite room in the house.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink..White..Cream and Sparkle

Here's a delicious assortment of items currently available in store now in my favourite pastel palette of pinks, whites and creams with a healthy dash of sparkle -

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How To Decorate With Feathers

Feathers aren't just strictly for the birds, they have natural beauty, drama and elegance, so it's no wonder I love using them as decor accent pieces around the home. Coloured feathers can add glamor and pizazz, while those in their natural hue give your place a rustic look. Arrange the feathers in vases and containers. Instead of long-stemmed roses, pack a vase with long-stemmed feathers.

White ostrich feathers have been used in decoration since ancient Egyptian times. Tutankhamen and Cleopatra are believed to have used the plumes in fans and other ornamentation. Ostrich feathers make exotic and elegant centerpieces that are popular for weddings and all sorts of other events and celebrations. A single ostrich plume looks fabulous in a tall elegant glass vase.

I currently have limited supplies of gorgeous large ostrich plumes and bunches of long quill feathers in store now.