Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lavish Living in Luberon

I like lots of air, order, personal objects and beautiful architecture - William Hodgins -
Is there any moment in the year when you crave luxury?  When you yearn to be pampered, waking up on satin sheets in a room adorned in antiques and to truly feel like one of the rich and famous?  Me too! 

You're invited to experience a guided tour of what I deem to be 'the residence of my dreams'.  

My ideal home has classical architectural proportions and is located in Luberon, in the countryside of Provence.  It is a home where people live, eat, bathe, sleep, relax and love.

In the summer months, this graceful setting is a hive of industry where groups of friends and relatives gather to enjoy the warmth and cool off.

On warm balmy evenings, this is the perfect spot for alfresco dining.  The fruit trees and lush plantings exuberantly spreading  in all directions.

A bold and handsome pair of stoneware planters positioned either side of the entrance to the formal pool look striking.  Order and symmetry to perfection.

The view out the back of the house......a significant artistic statement

A cosy seating and eating area off of the main kitchen created to enjoy the warming natural light in Spring and Summer.  The rustic dining chairs, have never looked better.

A graceful room with classical elegance, the carved mantel helps create a beautiful focal point.

These are a few of my favourite things.......

The integrity of old and beautifully designed and built furniture such as this is priceless.   

Why do antiques bring so much emotional comfort?

A private sanctuary to nourish yourself aesthetically in soothing tones of champagne and cream

And now for the most important room in the house...the master bedroom.  My private haven, a sanctuary from the hustle of everyday life. This room is light, airy and sensuous.  Pastel walls, traditional rush sofa, natural weave flooring and a bedhead to die for.

Outdoor terrace....a place where memories of happy times with family and friends accumulate.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my destination dream home in Luberon

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it" - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe -

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas in France

I love the romantic image that a 'white christmas' evokes..... 

especially when you're pulling into the driveway of a truly grand chateau in the heart of France.....

looking toward the doorway entrance anticipating what lies within....

which turns out to be a jaw dropping extravaganza of festive elegance.....

way beyond your wildest dreams

       and you haven't even reached the staircase yet!   Time for a quick sneaky peak at the guest lounge on the way through....

and I'm already envisaging sipping fine french champagne in front of the roaring fire with the smell of wood smoke and fresh pine permeating through my nostrils as I eagerly anticipate wending my way up to my sumptuous suite....

which needless to say, doesn't disappoint!  The understated bed dressing provides sensuality, luxury and refined elegance with a wealth of natural organic textures.

Resonating in a growing glowing state of Christmas euphoria,  I take great delight in exploring every nook and cranny of my wonderous new surroundings.....

A veritable visual feast for the eyes....

and just when I think it can't get any better, I open the internal shutter doors to my apartment and find myself standing in the most gorgeous intimate private dining room complete with exquisitely decorated fruitwood french farm table.   After enjoying a few moments of complete fulfillment I embark on my next mission to find the bathroom for a quick pamper session before heading off into a blissful sleep.....

  Three hours later I challenge myself to leave this personal haven of contentment and can't resist the temptation to tippy toe down stairs for one quick looksie....

 at the guests intimate dining room meticulously set out in readiness for the celebratory Christmas lunch tomorrow. Needless to say the view as I enter the room (you guessed it) doesn't disappoint.  A true delight to the eye!

And with that I float off to the sanctuary of my suite feeling a mysterious sense of exquisite wholeness. The question begs to be asked I hear you say "Is she really going to France for her White Christmas?" The answer is no but I do hope that having shared this beautiful dream (albeit a bit of creative inventiveness), you too will feel the surprisingly powerful effect that objects of beauty have on your soul.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Unique And Original Pieces

Pure Provenance - destination for discovering unique and original pieces as well as inspiring clients with innovative decorating ideas.   Christmas is next month!  Following are some unique gifts available in store now for the person who has everything.

Circa 1940's fine quality cast bronze rearing horse model

    Circa 1895 New Zealand made antique Sun Dial suitable for wall mounting

                         Imposing stately custom cast limestone lion - one of a matching pair

                      Gorgeous large mid century enamel pitcher manufactured in Sweden

           Magnificent mounted taxidermy pheasant - circa 1950 -

            Antique french iron hanging wall planter

                                                  Assortment of unique collectables, more in store

Quirky components to help create interesting compositions

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hottest Items in Store This Week!

It is lovely to go into a house and see a small collection or grouping of items treasured by the owner.  Following are some special old display pieces all currently available to purchase that will undoubtedly give their new owners a great deal of pleasure

Classic Wooden Chess Set - handcarved by master artisans Circa 1923

Large silverplated Art Deco presentation Trophy Cup Circa 1937

Victorian gold gilt gesso plaster wood frame - gorgeous detailing

Antique Food Larder Circa 1890

Victorian mahogany veneer sewing box in original condition

Art Nouveau chrome plated swan emblem

Circa 1895 Antique American baby weighing scales

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ode to the Battered and Tattered

Comfortable, worn and often tattered can be incorporated easily into a variety of decorating styles

The appeal of a piece is in its natural aging, not in the false creation of the appearance of age, which sadly is to be found in many mainstream stores these days – Pure Provenance specializes in real old versus fake old.

Objects with a real history and a defect or two are so much more appealing

Natural wear and tear that occurs over time gives individuality and character to pieces that cannot be acquired through your typical mainstream d├ęcor shop.  Hence the need for a destination store such as Pure Provenance, purveyors of true vintage wares.

Discovering and photographing the beauty in the faded, decayed and crumbling facades of old buildings is a long term passion of mine.

Pieces such as this, help create the perfect outdoor living room

Faded furnishings such as this make for a cosy and comfortable home

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let There Be Light

There are  many beautiful decorative fixtures available today and you don’t have to be locked into any rules when selecting one that suits your aesthetic.

Chandeliers add grace and charm to a space – and more often than not are the shimmering focal point of a room. 

If you have an area in your home that receives little or no sunlight, get creative and reveal light through shiny objects such as silver, crystal, tiles, chrome and mirrors.

Candles always remind me of a log cabin, shimmering and flickering aglow with warmth. Perfect and simple mood lighting for any room in your home.

When you live in a cheerful bright house, you will be living with greater joy and energy. One of my favourite decorative ceiling fixtures....the Birdcage Lantern

Dare to be playful! Incorporate some of natures textures into your decor lighting scheme.


Light the lights. Go on a quest for more light in your rooms. In the words of Monet "There are two choices in life. One is to seek the light and the other is to dwell in darkness. Be a light seeker".