Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This goes with that!

I love mixing and matching....not clothes but my odd, sometimes battered, usually distressed, abundantly worn objet d'art I seem to have the uncanny knack of attracting into my world.

Here's the recipe to create this unconventional collection. Take one battered old farmhouse mantel piece preferably encrusted with palettes of faded pastel paints. To that position beneath a slightly warped and faded character hall table. Throw in a couple of mellowed terracotta pots...preferably with cracks and a few chips.

Complete the setting with a sprinkling of budget accessories which include one used birds nest, an old duck decoy and some ancient bowling balls. Pretty it up with your finest antique linen teacloth, a healthy flowering hydrangea and pretty pink and cream marble eggs. There you have it.

I hope you can take some inspiration from this electic vintage menage and create your own cosy outdoor room setting.

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